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Proud Breeders
of the Majestic 
Flemish Giant

-Since 2014

Flemish giants, one of the world's largest and oldest breeds, are very gentle, personable, and intelligent!


We usually offer two litters each spring and fall of pedigreed bunnies in two color lines: light grey, with white and steel grey; and Blue with black.


Located in beautiful central Oregon. Cascadia Flemish have been adopted to homes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, one to Montana and one flew to Hawaii! A few Cascadia Flemish are therapy and emotional support animals, notably a bunny who comforts an autistic child and another rabbit supports an adult with downs syndrome. A lot of our bunnies are happy house rabbits that live like an indoor cat. Some know tricks. Some are companions with 4H ribbons and others make adult show families proud.


Contact us to adopt your giant bunny from Cascadia Rabbits!


Thank you

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In loving memory of Kuruk the farm wolf dog, who acted as a livestock guardian on our ranch for a decade

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